Oggetto: The furniture called window

"Do you want to conquer you  customers's trust and earn more money with your projects, thanks to windows frames made in Italy?"
Nino Tomasino
Sales manager and public relations manager of Fiorino, the right hook for the purchase of window frames produced and sold in 27 countries of the world.

* Guaranteed and certified products.
* Protected against the desert climate.
* Protects from heat also from the highest temperatures.
* Does not change color over long periods of time.
* Decorates the customer's home.
* Chosen by the best customers,architects and influential families also in Qatar.

If you are looking for affordable accessible window frames , which are not up to bad weather desert; sand, wind, heat, water and noise,I respect your decision, but please contact some other company.

Our promise:
Hi, I am Nino Tomasino from Fiorino Art Design, based in Doha and producing in Italy.My goal is to help my clients increase their sales from 25% to 47% and more, thanks to our windows frames which also serve the function of furniture, since they protect your client's home 100% and decorate the wall like a prized and sought furniture, without having to lower the price. This also helps clients win the trust of their customers and conquer new ones, although in Qatar fixtures are sold from around the world.No other company is able to produce and install products in the homes of your customers and be thanked for life.

1) No similarity with products of wide consumption: the experts from the research and development team only work on innovation and the creation of windows frames knowing in depth the details of this product and the needs of customers around the world.
2) No to the price war: our products are focused on a selected target, general contracts, architects and professionals who want satisfaction for their client and to have a higher gain than the rest of the window frames in the market.
3) No to normal windows: those that break easily, which do not protect the homes and the health of their inhabitants. Surprise your customers's expectations with the best window frames, which are guaranteed and certified.

Do not risk when you choose your provider of window frames.
It offers you window frames which improve the quality of your life!

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A gift for you.
Send us your project with the measurements of the windows frame to achieve, we develop you a free quote tailored reserved for your company.

Offer for new customers.
Extra 7% discount for you to first order.
Also a tribute that we deliver to you and that you can turn to your client, as a souvenir from Italy. Small surprise that will be very appreciated to your customer. We know this for sure, we already experienced with other customers!
Fiorino Art Designer and Trader
Al Mana Tower, 4th floor Office A 
A. bin mahmod st. P.O box 63807
Phone Qatar: +974 50490697
Phone Italy: +39 328 9629269

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